Snacking on fried cheese empanadas alongside a pisco sour.
Snacking on fried cheese empanadas alongside a pisco sour.

We’ve  been in Chile for nearly three weeks now, and at our home in Valparaiso for two.

I’ve been dying to get baking again, but have a few obstacles in my way – namely, a lack of gear and an oven without a temperature gauge on it.

So rather than test and develop recipes myself, I’m going to share some of the amazing foodie experiences I’ve been having and what better place to start than with empanadas.

Found all around South America, empanadas are pastry parcels either fried (frito) or oven baked (al horno) and filled with a range of delicious ingredients such as meats, cheeses, vegetables and seafood.

The Chilean speciality is pino which comprises beef, onions, raisins, black olives and hard boiled eggs.

Today we discovered a shop that sells 60 different flavour combinations! I had cheese, mushroom and olives while my husband had chicken, cheese  and spinach. Both were delicious or rico as  the locals would say.

Not all experiences have been so positive. We’ve had a fair few empanadas taken from a shelf and popped into the microwave to heat up so are slightly chewy and others with no filling to speak of at all.

Most doughs I’ve seen online are made up from flour, vegetable oil, egg yolk and some kind of liquid – either water, milk or stock.

Once I get settled in a fully equipped  kitchen, I’ll definitely give these a go but in the meantime I’ll  just have to share via photos.

Lunch on the go – fried empanada with cheese, mushroom and olives.