Golden syrup sponge puddings

Golden syrup sponge puddings
Golden syrup sponge puddings

British puddings take some beating on a rainy day, and with not much time to bake today I decided to go for a golden syrup sponge.

This recipe can be swapped out using jam instead of golden syrup if you prefer that flavouring.

You’re essentially making a sponge batter, comprising butter, sugar, eggs and flour with a bit of lemon and ginger for extra flavour.

This is poured into moulds, either making individual serves or one big pudding, atop your flavouring which sits on the bottom to cook but seeps into the pudding when upended.

Golden syrup sponge puddings

125g butter, softened
125g light brown sugar
125g self-raising flour
2 medium sized eggs
Zest of half a lemon
½ tsp ground ginger
4 tbsp golden syrup
Extra butter for greasing

Pre-heat the oven at 180C.

Grease six individual dariole moulds with butter, then pour one tablespoon of syrup into each.

Make your sponge by creaming together the butter and sugar, before slowly adding the eggs, lemon zest, flour and ground ginger.

Pour into the moulds, on top of the syrup and then cover tightly with foil.

Place in a roasting tin and pour enough boiling water in to reach halfway up the side.

Cook for 25 minutes, then leave to sit for 5 minutes before up-ending onto a serving plate.


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