Mixed berry crêpe soufflé

Mixed berry crêpe soufflé
Mixed berry crêpe soufflé

I’m a big fan of British Masterchef, and one of my favourite episodes was when Monica put the professionals through their paces making a crêpe soufflé.

I’d never heard of one before, but always knew I’d want to give it a crack when I reached crêpes in Project Pastry.

So here it is – an adaptation of Michel Roux’s banana soufflé crêpe.

You may have realised by now that I’m not a banana fan, so substituted the recipe with frozen mixed berries.

The result was delicious. I made two because only my husband and I were around, but had enough spare mix to make a couple of berry soufflés on their own. I think this recipe would be perfect for four people.

The crêpe batter was interesting and I’d read up about different options in Felicity Cloake’s recent article noting the line “a crepe batter should be the consistency of single, rather than double, cream.”

I used Michel Roux’s recipe and it lived up to this description – I’d always made quite a thick mix for pancakes based on the ratios of 1 cup self-raising flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg, 1 tbsp caster sugar.

But this gives you quite a thick, fluffy pancake more like an American-style hotcake.

Classic crêpe
Classic crêpe

To make the crêpes (makes 16)

125g plain flour
15g caster sugar
2 eggs
325ml milk
100ml double cream
Few drops of vanilla
Butter to cook

Mix all ingredients together and leave to sit for around 1 hour.

When you are ready to cook, brush a 22cm pan with a little butter and heat.

Ladle a little batter into the pan and tilt until it covers the entire base.

Cook the crêpe for 1 minute.  As soon as holes appear on the surface, turn the crêpe over and cook for another 30-40 seconds.

Transfer to a plate and cook the rest of the batter, stacking the crêpes with sheets of baking paper in between to prevent them sticking.

To make the soufflé (makes 4)

200g frozen or fresh berries
1 tsp lemon juice
20ml milk
2 egg yolks
3 tbsp caster sugar
½ tsp cornflour
3 eggs whites

Cook the berries in a saucepan for a few minutes, then add the lemon juice.

Strain through a sieve to remove the pips, leaving you with a smooth berry coulis. Return to the heat and add the milk.

In a small bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and 1 tsbp caster sugar for 1 minute then add the cornflour.

Pour the egg mix into the berry milk mix and whisk for 1 minute over a low heat. Set aside.

Whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until you have soft peaks, then add the remaining 2 tbsps caster sugar and whisk until stiff peak stage.

Gently fold the berry mix into the egg white mix and combine.

To assemble

Heat your oven to 180C.

Lay out your crêpes, then gently spread some of the soufflé mix onto one side.

Gently fold the other half of the crêpe to enclose it, but without pressing down.

Place in the oven for 5 minutes.


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