Pineapple sorbet

I always expected sorbet to be a similar process to making ice cream, but I was surprised to notice just how much the formulae match.

Generally, you start by making a stock syrup which is the equivalent of the custard made for ice cream.

You can then infuse the stock syrup with spices and herbs for extra kick, before adding your main flavouring.

With sorbets, it is usually a fruit puree but you can consider ingredients like coffee, chocolate or coconut.

If you’re really adventurous, you could try a savoury sorbet such as this tomato and anchovy concoction from one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne -

As with ice cream you need to churn the mixture to prevent the development of ice crystals and deliver a smooth texture.

After staying safe with vanilla and chocolate ice creams over the last couple of weeks, I was keen to experiment with my syrup infusion so added a few star anise to the mix.

I matched it with fresh pineapple which is season at the moment, and was really pleasantly surprised with the result.

My sister asked immediately what the “funny taste” was before proclaiming that she didn’t like it.

But everyone else in the family, myself included, really enjoyed the extra layer of flavour.

If that’s not your thing, you can try matching pineapple with cinnamon or dried chilli.

Other flavour combinations to try are:

Melon and mint
Lime and basil
Lychee and rosewater
Strawberry and black pepper

Pineapple sorbet with star anise

2 ripe pineapples
2 lemons
340g caster sugar
60ml glucose syrup
400ml water
3 star anise

In a saucepan bring the water, sugar and glucose syrup to the boil. Add the star anise, then leave for boil for 30 seconds before removing from the heat and covering. Leave to infuse and cool.

In the meantime, remove the skin and core from the pineapples then puree the flesh.

Pass through a fine sieve and then combine with 400ml of the cooled stock syrup.

Churn the mixture for 15-20 minutes.


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