Pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants)

Pain au chocolat
Pain au chocolat

Our niece came to stay for the weekend and one of her favourite things in the world is pain au chocolat, or chocolate croissants.

It was very exciting, and as a result I was the super-cool Auntie, to be able to go to the freezer and bring out a portion of croissant dough in order to make my own pastries.

The dough, made last week as part of my first foray into croissant making, defrosted really well. The main problem is the temperature in Brisbane at the moment because halfway through the shaping, the butter was melting and starting to stick to the bench.

I persevered and tried the traditional pain au chocolat shape which can also be used for fillings such as almond paste and spinach/feta.

I tried cooking them by Michel Suas’ instructions hoping for a lighter, flakier texture inside (196C for 13-15 minutes) and also proofed them for 1.5 hours.

They were really good, but I think the dough itself might be the key to perfecting the croissant. Maybe I didn’t laminate it well enough, but there’s plenty of room for practice and improvement.

Next I wanted to try danish pastries, which I didn’t realise needed a different dough. However, I’m thinking I might skip ahead to non-laminated doughs while it’s this hot.

Either way, I’ll be making more viennoiserie next week 🙂


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