Salted caramel shortbreads

Salted caramel shortbread
Salted caramel shortbread

I think I’m starting to sound a bit obsessed with salted caramel now, but to be honest it’s the only way I can handle really over-the-top sugary sweets.

I’ve never been a big fan of caramel shortbread, also known as millionaires’ shortbread, because it makes my teeth ache.

However, I was looking to do another sheet biscuit (after my chocolate brownies) and this had been my husband’s favourite sweet treat since childhood.

I knew I wanted to make the caramel salty, but hadn’t realised until I went searching that most recipes called for condensed milk.

I’ve always made caramel using sugar, butter, cream and then some liquid glucose to help it set. I tried to search around for pros and cons for each method but couldn’t find any. I’m assuming boiled condensed milk is a bit less temperamental than melted sugar? Can anyone enlighten me?

Anyway, back to the recipe – the shortbread layer is simply a combination of flour, sugar and butter that is mixed well and then baked.

The caramel filling is then poured over the cooled shortbread and left to sit for a while before smothering in melted chocolate.

You really need to eat this in small doses because it’s extremely rich but incredibly good!

Salted caramel shortbread


185g butter
80g caster sugar
250g plain flour


170g butter
80g caster sugar
3tbsp golden syrup
300ml sweetened condensed milk
1tsp salt


150g milk or plain chocolate, chopped

To make the shortbread

Pre-heat an oven to 180 degrees and line a 18x27cm tin with baking paper.

Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, then slowing mix in the flour. When it forms a ball, press it into the base of the cake tin.

Bake for 20 minutes or until golden. Set aside to cool.

To make the caramel filling

Melt the butter, sugar, syrup and condensed milk in a saucepan over a medium heat. When the sugar has dissolved and the butter melted, turn the heat up to a rapid boil for 5 minutes.

The caramel should be a dark golden colour and have started to thicken.

Pass it through a sieve to remove any lumps, then set aside to cool for 5 minutes.

Pour the caramel over the shortbread base and leave for sit for an hour.

Melt the chocolate, then pour over the caramel. Leave overnight in a cool place to set.


3 thoughts on “Salted caramel shortbreads

  1. Gorgeous. I could eat a few squares of it now!

    Re: using condensed milk as you query in your post: it is just slightly easier than making a caramel from scratch. But with a caramel from scratch, as long as you don’t stir the sugar and water as it heats and bubbles (just shaking then pan periodically to help the sugar dissolve) it works like a dream. You then just add the the cream, stir well and let it simmer very gently for a minute and leave to cool: as in the recipe I use for caramel:

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