Starting somewhere

The idea for Project Pastry came to me months ago but it’s taken until now to actually publish my first post.

It’s certainly a daunting task ahead of me, and has required a fair bit of planning and purchasing to make sure I am good to go – kind of mise en place for the project.

My first step was to get the kit together that I would need. I’ve collected a range of pastry odds and ends over the years but wanted a fresh start for this challenge so put together this collection including ceramic pie weights, crank spatulas in different sizes, a balloon whisk, plastic and metal scrapers, nested cookie cutters, piping bag with nozzles, measuring cups and spoons, and finally a pastry brush.

Pastry tools
Pastry tools

Next step was to make sure I had all of my textbooks in order. Again, some I already had but some I needed to buy because I never thought I’d need a 5kg volume on pastry techniques and formula.

My curriculum so far comprises the following books and I’m sure I’ll be adding more along the way.

Pastry books
Pastry cook books

My plan at the moment is to start with pastry doughs and then expand out to biscuits, cakes, chocolate, plated desserts, jellies, frozen desserts, mousses and creams over a period of time.

I’m sure the blog will evolve as my learning does, but hopefully it will be a good record of my experiences and may even help inspire someone else.

So this is officially the start of my pastry education…wish me luck!


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